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Change Name


Name Approval 1000/-
PAN+TAN 200/-
Govt Fees 1300/-
Professional Fees 2500/-
Total 5000/-

Change Name

Sometimes, the name of your company just doesn’t feel right or is not working well for your business; or maybe you need to change your company’s name in order to distance yourself from some negative association. In such a situation, you can change the name of your company to something more suited to your future plans. While picking an alternative name might sound like an easy task, the legal process to change the name of your company is tiresome.

Process to Change the Name of a Company

To get the name of a company changed, you will need to follow the 5 steps.

Step 1: Passing a Board Resolution

A board meeting is to be conducted where a resolution should be passed to change the name of the company. The directors should approve the new name and authorise either a director or a company secretary (CS) to check the availability of the new name with the MCA.

Step 2: Checking the Name Availability

The authorised person should apply to the MCA in form INC-1 for checking the availability of the proposed name. You can also run a search through this link. It is important to run a trademark search for the proposed name.

It is advised that you should shortlist four to five business names before checking the availability to cover for the event of these names being taken or in use already.

Step 3: Passing Special Resolution

Once the availability of the new name is confirmed, the company should convene an extraordinary general meeting (EGM). A special resolution will be passed for changing the name and making appropriate changes to the AoA and the MoA.

Step 4: Applying to the Registrar

The special resolution will be submitted to the RoC within 30 days of passing, along with the form MGT-14, which will contain the details related to the special resolution.

Within 30 days of filing the MGT-14, form INC-24 needs to be filed with RoC along with the requisite fee. This is required for obtaining approval from the central government for changing the name. Certain documents also need to be enclosed with these two forms.

Step 5: Issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation</b>

Upon being completely satisfied with the application and the accompanying documents, the RoC will issue a new certificate of incorporation, reflecting the name change.


Documents Required

Firstly, the Form MGT-14 need to filed with the RoC along with the following documents:

  • Notice of the EGM
  • Certified copy of the special resolution passed in the EGM
  • The explanatory statement to EGM
  • Copy of altered MoA and AoA with the new company name.

Once MGT-14 is approved, the INC-24 e-form should be filed within 30 days along with the following documents:

  • A certified true copy of the minutes of the EGM
  • Notice of the EGM
  • Copy of any approval order received from the other authorities such as IRDA, SEBI, RBI, etc., if any
  • Copy of resolution agreement mentioning the members voting for and against the resolution
  • Copy of altered MoA and AoA with the new company name
  • Other documents regarding any other information sought as optional attachments.


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